Strategic Plan


The plan serves as our road map to help focus our efforts to ensure ASP’s relevance in this changing world of medical sciences.

Our mission is to advance basic science of anatomy through research education and professional development.

Our vision is to promote the relo of anatomy in team based inter discilipinary science ,health care and education.

To achieve our vision ASP works to;

A . Improve Perception of Anatomy

  1. By demonstrating the importance of 21st century Anatomy to our medical colleagues.
  2. Engage various levels of society in understanding Anatomy as vast field of medical science.

B . Lead in research by:

  1. Collaboration with other societies to sponsor joint venture.
  2. Broadening the scope of postgraduation in Anatomy.
  3. Disseminating the research knowledge by seminars meeting sessions and conferences.
  4. Making efforts to establish the journal of society

C . Maximize the member engagement by:

  1. Implementing the structured process to inform members to participate in activities of ASP.
  2. Facilitating member to member communication.
  3. Supporting professional development of members by holding workshops.

D . Ensure financial stability by:

  1. Doing financial audit at the end of each financial year.
  2. Doing review of expenses to access effectiveness and focus priorities.
  3. Aligning membership dues with membership facilities.
  4. Identifying new sources of revenue.


Any questions, suggestions or if you want to join out team feel free to contact us. We'll reply you as soon as possible

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