Abstract Submission

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Abstract must be based on original work

Abstract may belong to scientific research in the field of gross anatomy, microanatomy, neuroanatomy, developmental anatomy and surgical anatomy or educational research

Title must be written in Title case and font size 14

Abstract should be written in structured format, sign posted as Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusions

The substance of abstract should be written in Calibri style and font size 12

Word count of abstract should not exceed 250

Abstract must be submitted through email at dr.aaliaamin@gmail.com

Abstract will be considered only if submitted by the member of ASP who has renewed membership for year 2017 by paying membership fee along with conference registration fee.

In case of approval of abstract for presentation by the panel of reviewers, acceptance letter will be sent to the participant through email

Presenter must submit power point presentation to the contact detail given below

Presenter or speaker must bring his/her power point presentation in DVD or pen drive

Time for oral presentation should not exceed 15 min.

Last date for the submission is 20th February 2017


Exhibition items may belong to gross anatomy, micro anatomy, developmental anatomy, forensic anatomy or clinical and applies anatomy.

Poster should be presented on flex having 24’’ horizontal by 36’’ vertical dimensions

Charts must be presented on standard size chart paper and mounted.

Models can be prepared by any synthetic material

Last date for the submission is 20th February 2017

Please feel free to share any queries on the contact detail given below

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